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Date: 2018-02-20
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The worst thing is when you cry your eyes, heartbroken over a break-up. Even the best of us forget how to live like a normal human being, instead, we eat ice-cream out the tub with a spoon and obsessively stalk the social media accounts of our suddenly perfect ex. 

Relationship guru, Zoë Foster Blake, believes she can make your drunk texts and general misery a thing of the past with an app. Yip, an app. Known as Break-Up Boss, the app was launched in March 2017 and offers a spinning wheel of emotion from which you identify your current feelings, and are then offered four choices. All this is followed by a hilarious advice column, that might make you feel better – at least for a moment.

One of the most effective qualities of the app is the "text-to-ex" function, which is an incredible idea. So instead of regretting that text the next day, you can use the app to "send" it instead. You simply type your ex's name into the fake message page on the app – do not worry it does not add the number – and send the feelings that you would like to say. It will help wash your ex out of your hair much faster.

Foster Blake is optimistic about the prevalence of apps, “They can inspire you to exercise, meditate, eat and sleep better, heal your broken heart. And they’re just going to get better.”

Social media definitely makes it a million times harder to get over a break-up, but not all tech is bad for you. If texting your burning rage to an app makes you feel better then go for it.

You can download Break-Up Boss from the app store now!


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