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Date: 2018-04-16
Google, Google Play Store, Google Go, Use less data, Apps, Appnations,NEWS,

Google, Google Play Store, Google Go, Use less data, Apps, Appnations,NEWS,

Google, Google Play Store, Google Go, Use less data, Apps, Appnations,NEWS,

Google recently launched a service which will provide users with a 'lighter' way to search. Google Go is specifically aimed at users who do not flagship smartphones or people who just want to watch their data usage. It is basically a search engine, just like the conventional Google search found in most Android devices, but it has been optimised to use less data, device memory and also run basic processes faster.

Google Go has been designed to make things easier for the emerging market in Africa that acquires smart devices, to make their browsing experience streamlined and easy to understand. Not only Africans, but any person who struggles to afford data, will have access to Google Go, and will be able to et the service as their default search engine.

Google Go has been available in other countries, but this is the first time it will be available in South Africa. Google Africa Chief Marketing Officer, Mzamo Masito, says that Google Go is designed to help individuals stay connected and to provide an easy-to-understand interface irrespective of what device or network they are on.

The interface is an impressive feature, Google has really created an understandable, clean interface that reacts as quickly as a whip. Users can find a meme or a GIF to show to colleagues, or discover places nearby with directions, and even watch videos on YouTube. This all with just a 5MB, that's that a tiny amount of space for an app on your phone, while also using the latest version of Google's advanced compression algorithm that uses up to 40% fewer data to display search results.

You can download the Google Go App on the Google Play Store!

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