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Date: 2017-08-17
Update,Facebook ,News,Apps,Mobapp,Mobapp.mobi,

Update,Facebook ,News,Apps,Mobapp,Mobapp.mobi,

Update,Facebook ,News,Apps,Mobapp,Mobapp.mobi,

Brace yourself, Facebook is rolling out new interface designs to the News Feed. The updates overhaul the main interface of the site allowing for a cleaner look. Basically, Facebook is getting rid of the blue accents and headers across most of the interface, which the company claims will make navigating easier and more consistent.

The other big update is that comment threads on posts are getting a new design to make them look more like message conversations — specifically, Facebook Messenger conversations. So instead of comments being broken up by simple line breaks, each comment now gets its own grey message bubble, with the goal of making it easier to track who is replying in a given thread.

The last big update is the profile picture, which will be taking a page from Twitter's book (HOW ORIGINAL FACEBOOK) and shifting from square images to a circle, and icons, like, comment and share buttons are getting new, simpler and larger designs to be easier to tap on a touchscreen. 

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