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Flirthubb is the ultimate destination to find what you’re looking for in your love life – dating, long term relationships, and much more. Available on both the web and on Android as an app, Flirthubb is one of many properties belonging to the SocialHubb bouquet.

Our rating: 4/5

Available on: Android and the Web

Flirthubb is a dating site and app, with all the tools you need to find what you’re after. It’s simple, easy to use and, hopefully, a life-defining start to the rest of your life. Any gender, age, and interest can use this app to find someone to fit your individual wants and needs. 

Flirthubb not only allows you to search for the perfect partner, it also suggests compatible matches, finds people in your area and directs you to new messages. Plus it stores your chats – the messages from people who found you.

So here is how it works: Go to the site or download the app. Once open, all you need to do is create your basic login details: insert your sexual preference, your email address (the account you want to be linked to the app) and create your own password. 

As soon as that’s done, it’s time to get started! This process includes three stages to complete your profile. 

First, there are the basics – your birthday, age, name and mobile number (don’t worry – all contact details are kept private and will not be given to any Flirthubb users). 

Continue to stage 2 “About You”. This will ask your body type, your ethnicity, and your general location. This information helps the app find specific matches for you according to your individual dating preferences.

Stage 3 is uploading your photo. When you click “upload photo”, you will be able to choose from using the camera, browsing your documents, and more. This page also has suggestions about choosing the perfect picture.

Once you're through with these steps, you are just about done. All you need to do is activate your account by responding to an email that has automatically been sent to your address. This is a security measure and is used to check that you have entered the correct email address of your choice. Click “VISIT HUBB” on your email, and you’ll be directed back to Flirthubb.

Once you are officially a member of Flirthubb, you can update or edit your profile to make sure you’ve got the correct and desired information. In order to do this, just go onto your profile, select the edit button, and get to work. Not only will you be able to fix any mistakes, this also gives you a chance to add more information about yourself such as your interests and what you are looking for. 

Now that your account and profile is all set up – it's time to start looking for the one! 

Once you open the home page, you can see a few profiles for “quick rating” – give these pics a thumbs up or down to give Flirthubb more information about what you like.

Otherwise, if you know exactly what you’re looking for then click “Search” to find exactly what you need. Also, don’t forget to keep your eyes on your “chats” – people may have already found you.

If you’re a bit lost and want some suggestions, then Flirthubb will offer up some for you based on your location, personal information and the apps other members. They give you a list of new members, compatible matches for you, and people directly in your area. How convenient.

Now all that’s left to do is download and subscribe to the app on your Android phone!

I give this app a 4-star rating. It's amazing and will get even better with some new features arriving soon. An imminent update will sort out bug fixes, new features and better ways of helping you find love!

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