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Date: 2017-12-29



Instagram is looking to change this set up by allowing people to follow particular hashtags, providing them with streamlined content based on their interests, as well as the ability to follow groups and communities. It allows cat fiends to simply follow a hashtag relating to cats to streamline their page. Once the user follows the hashtags, a newsfeed page will open up for that specific hashtag showing the latest posts on that topic. Users are also able to see the hashtags followed by the people that they follow.

The downside to this is that people populate their posts with hundreds of hashtags to gain more followers and get more likes but these hashtags are often irrelevant. This makes the aim of streamlining users pages futile. There is also a myriad of spam on Instagram that uses hashtags to get more people to view it, which makes the new setting vulnerable to the manipulation of these spammers.

This new setting could either bring together communities of people with like-minded  interests or it could give scammers a new way to reach more people and allow irrelevant posts to make it onto users newsfeeds more often.

What do you make of this new setting, yay or nay?

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