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Date: 2017-11-13
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The latest Messenger version 2.2 is set to help developers and businesses reach their customers in new and engaging ways, improve the quality of their messaging experiences and make it easier to build and iterate on the platform. 

Messenger revealed that the move was taken after extensive feedback received from the aforementioned target audience regarding the usage of the platform for official purposes. 

"As businesses continue to use the Messenger Platform to build experiences that facilitate connection with customers, we've been working hard to make it easier than ever to improve these interactions and ultimately drive results. One of our most highly requested features is the ability to extend Messenger experiences onto a business's website. We are happy to announce the release of the customer chat plugin in closed beta," it said.

The latest update consists of a customer chat plugin, allowing people to chat with businesses on their websites and on either of the versions of Messenger (web, mobile or tablet) and transition back and forth seamlessly without losing conversation's history and context. It will make it easier for customers to continue the conversation with a business as per convenience. 

"In addition to extending the conversation across multiple surfaces, the customer chat plugin supports current platform capabilities such as payments, NLP, rich media and more. To ensure the Messenger web experience is as feature-rich as the Messenger App, we will continue to add new capabilities as the Platform expands," Messenger noted. 

Businesses can now see how people rather their Messenger experience by simply clicking on Page Setting> Messenger. This is particularly helpful for businesses that have multiple service providers powering their Messenger experience as the feature aggregates all feedback in one place. 

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