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Date: 2017-07-27
Soundcloud,Youtube,Free Downloader ,Music,Tubidy ,Review,App,Mobapp.mobi,

Soundcloud,Youtube,Free Downloader ,Music,Tubidy ,Review,App,Mobapp.mobi,

Soundcloud,Youtube,Free Downloader ,Music,Tubidy ,Review,App,Mobapp.mobi,

Soundcloud,Youtube,Free Downloader ,Music,Tubidy ,Review,App,Mobapp.mobi,

To find music you like can be quite tricky, no need to panic, Tubidy's free music downloads will save you time.

Available on: iOS

Our Rating: 4 stars

The free music downloader app makes it easier to search and save these desired tracks. So how does the app work exactly? Tubidy music download is basically tied up with some of the biggest music and video platforms - YouTube and Soundcloud in this case. 

Users can find everything out of this enormous music database, you can also load videos and mp3s directly to your phone. 

Tubidy's search engine is very easy to use after you open the app, you can type in a desired video or song name of the artist and press the search icon to find your results. 

You will have the whole list of matching results in a few seconds. After choosing one, you can click on it, and here it is, the list of options available to download: mp3, mp4, mp4 audio, by parts, etc.

When you open the Tubidy music download app you will also see a list of the most popular music videos, genre options to choose from – depending on your mood – and Apple's iTunes top 100 list. 

In order to download something from Tubidy, you don’t have to sign in. But if you would like to create your own music-video library in there then you had to create your account by signing up. The signing up process takes only a few minutes as there are not that many forms to fill in.

The only thing that Tubidy is not great at is the quality of the sound, but this may vary from track-to-track. The Tubidy music download app is also not available on Android platforms. There are some other things that can be improved for the user like an option to remove the ads because each page has over 3 adverts.

All and all, not every app out there is the best, but Tubidy will definitely make it easier to find free music with an easy way to search and a huge variety of songs, so get downloading now!


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