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Date: 2017-12-23




We have been introduced to many apps in 2017 and many experts predict that apps will become the new way of life as well as business as we know it. We will be able to use apps for basically everything. Some apps, like Uber, rack up millions of dollars while others are just completely useless.

This time, we decided to go to the completely useless side of things, kicking it off with Faceapp. While it doesn't have any significant features that would make you rush to download it, the fact that you can take a photo of yourself and change your gender does give you about a week of laughs while testing it on your friends and family before you delete it. Ever seen one of those videos with the annoying screaming rubber chickens? There's an app for that. It was probably created for the sole purpose of annoying people. iNude is an app that blurs out certain parts of a photo using skin colored pixels. That's literally all it does...

You know those people who always brag about the amount of money they have in their account? There is an app for that too! you can create a fake bank account with fake amounts of money to trick people into thinking you are rich. Emojis have become their own language and there are even emojis that use facial recognition to map your expressions to be emulated on the app. So there is some pretty advanced emoji technology out there – and then you get Horsemoji. Its pretty self-explanatory and even comes with a horse drinking tea! Some apps were even so useless that the creators didn't bother to spell check, making it look like a 7 year old wrote it!

Most of them were so useless yet even had the cheek to charge people money to download them! It should be considered a crime for stealing people time and money but it makes for a hilarious app review!

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