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Date: 2018-02-08
Mystery,X–Files: Deep State,X–Files,Games,Apps,AppNations,

Mystery,X–Files: Deep State,X–Files,Games,Apps,AppNations,

Mystery,X–Files: Deep State,X–Files,Games,Apps,AppNations,

Mystery,X–Files: Deep State,X–Files,Games,Apps,AppNations,

Major news for X-Files fans! If you're just completely devastated about the finishing the series, fear not! The mobile game is here! The franchise is now spreading onto mobile platforms following the end of the 11th season of the series. FoxNext Games and Creative Mobile Games have named it: X–Files: Deep State.

The paranormal series is famous for its mystery murder element with just enough horror to make you a bit jumpy. Between children with superpowers and extraterrestrial beings, people around the world have become hooked.

The opening scene of the game begins in 2010, before the restoration of the series last year, and the game isn't based on a continuous story but contains separate, independent episodes in which the user has to solve crimes. The creators of the game have announced that new cases will be released every month and will focus on stories of alien invasion and government conspiracy theories. It is said to follow the structure of the series, using actual news headlines to incorporate into the plot.

The game is multi-layered and requires a bit of digging to solve the mystery, relying on dialogue choices and sweeping crime scenes. In order to progress through the levels, users have to complete mini puzzles or games like identifying patterns and replay these games to increase your star stash.

The game is free to download but does require a few in-game purchases and is available on iOS and Android.

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