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Date: 2017-08-24
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Whether it is for business, fame or personal reasons, all Instagram users are always trying everything they can do get more followers! More followers = more attention, and that's what Instagram is for, isn't it?

Most people will try following millions of random users in the hopes that they will follow back without question. However, often, you end up with a profile that says you follow just about everyone and are followed by pretty much no one. 

After that attempt, people hear about different apps or sites that will give them millions of followers FOR FREE! Heads up: these are ALL scams! Even if you aren't the one being scammed, whatever you are using might even make you the scammer! 

However, in this video, we are shown how to get more Instagram followers ORGANICALLY – no spam and no scams. 

Sure, it's not as easy as downloading an app – but it helps you get more followers in a simple way while you remain in control of your account!

In the video, Zak Longo gives tips and advice about how to get more followers organically. 

Here's a taste of his advice: 

  1. The "Explore" page on Instagram is the fastest way to grow. On this page, you have three sections: stories, videos and photos. If you hit all three of these sections, your chances of getting on the "Explore" page increase! And getting on this page means that people will discover you – and follow you! 
  2. You should ALWAYS be posting "Stories" on your Instagram account. I know a lot of people don't LOVE this feature because they think it's a copy cat of Snapchat... But fuck it – you'll grab a lot of attention doing it!
  3. The same applies to going live on Instagram – fuck Facebook – people will always be checking what you're up to! 
  4. This is an important one: one of the fastest ways to grow on Instagram is to get shout-outs from bigger, more popular Instagram accounts. You may feel a bit shy, but don't be! Message them, email them and be as persistent as it takes. You WILL get more followers. In order to do this, you'll definitely need to have some relevant content to those pages!
  5. Keep your bio simple and clean, and make sure your content is high quality. Think of your account as a magazine, you wouldn't half-ass it there, would you? 
  6. Make sure you also post videos – our generation LOVES videos! 
  7. Something pretty interesting: try stick to a colour scheme for your account! This keeps your page looking organized and associates certain colours to your content. 
  8. Most importantly – MAKE QUALITY CONTENT. If you want more followers, you can't post just any low-quality crap. It needs to be professional and you need to put in an effort!

This video shows personal experience and how these methods will guarantee you more followers. So if you're fame-hungry for your Instagram account – this is the video for you!


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