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Date: 2017-07-31
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Carrot Weather is part of developer Brian Mueller's series of useful productive tool apps. Each of Mueller's apps features an AI character named Carrot who, to put is rather simple, dramatically hates humans. Carrot Fitness, for example, will berate the user for missing workouts and not hit goals while threatening to destroy mankind. Carrot To-Do will judge you as a "lazy meat bag" for leaving tasks unfinished. 

Carrot Weather recently got a brand-new version 4.0 and takes less advantage of Carrot as a friendly antagonist; since there is less direct interaction when it comes to checking the weather, but it is still the most fun weather app out there. 

Users can directly interact with Carrot by swiping down on the screen. The AI’s personality feels like a combination of sci-fi’s best murderous robots — think somewhere been 2001: A Space Odessey’s HAL, Portal’s GLaDOS, and Knight’s of the Old Republic’s HK-47 — and the mocking comments about the weather I’m suffering was legitimately entertaining to read.

The latest version features an easy to use interface and allows users to tweak the friendliness of Carrot; ranging from fully professional, which turns Carrot off completely to leave you with a nicely designed weather app, to mildly snarky. The Carrot app costs $3.99 and is worth the combination of a great feature, slick design and the bonus entertainment. 

The Carrot Weather app is available on the Apple Store. 

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