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Date: 2017-07-28
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We are always looking for the best music, but that comes at a price. Trying to find an app or site that provides free music downloads can be an absolute nightmare. It's either a scam or a soul-sucking hour of waiting – and usually, you end up with terrible quality music that you just wasted all your data on. Free? Not really.

Luckily, we have found 3 awesome apps for iPhones that can deliver free music – legit ones this time.

The first is Audiomack. Audiomack is a great app for sharing and discovering music for all fans. It is quick, simple and the selection is huge! Not only can Audiomack provide you with popular music, aspiring artists can also upload their own music for people to discover!

The second app recommended in this video is Pocket Tube. Pocket Tube is a YouTube player that organises music to fit your taste! The app automatically organises YouTube music videos by artist and albums. It also supports background play, continuous play and shuffle! Simply add a song to your playlist by pressing on that song for a few seconds.

Last but not least, the video recommends Document 6. Document 6 provides many functions that include a central hub for all files – documents, pdfs, images, videos and music! It allows you to sync your music with your phone for your own enjoyment!

Audiomack, Pocket Tube and Document 6 are all available on your Apple App Store for you to download. 

Watch the video to have a glimpse into using the apps and enjoy your favourite tunes for free!


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