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Date: 2018-03-12
Mobile Sims,The Sims,Games,Apps,AppNations,

Mobile Sims,The Sims,Games,Apps,AppNations,

Mobile Sims,The Sims,Games,Apps,AppNations,

Mobile Sims,The Sims,Games,Apps,AppNations,

Millenials can safely say that The Sims made up a huge part of their childhood, sitting at home for hours on end building your dream house and sending your Sims off to work. Then it got even better with house parties and pets, the options seemed limitless. With everything going mobile, Electronic arts and Maxis has recently announced that they will be launching The Sims Mobile to bring back your childhood memories on iOS and Android. The game download is free but players have to wait to complete tasks or pay real money to complete them instantaneously.

The mobile game lets the player control simulated people in different environments, creating their own personalities, relationships, hobbies, and careers as well as interacting with other Sims. Sims can move around the neighbourhood to parties and around town, using stickers to communicate with other Sims. Risky communication and actions can earn the player more points and rewards. Sims are able to pursue a career, make friends, throw parties and start a family.

The creative director for the game, Brandon Gill, said: “In The Sims Mobile, we’ve dramatically increased the fidelity and quality of Sims and the various environments they play in. Creating unique, completely customised Sims, building a dream home, and exploring exciting careers have always been tent poles of The Sims franchise. With The Sims Mobile, we’re able to bring players those time-loved features with new, highly detailed customisation options in Create-A-Sim and Build Mode. Players will find that new guided narratives and immersive social features give The Sims Mobile a unique blend of delightful gameplay experiences and social platform-inspired connections.”

Although the actions available in the game are more limited than the PC version, the game still captures the original feel of the game.

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