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Date: 2018-01-05
Messages,Crash,New years,Whatsapp,Social,Apps,AppNations,

Messages,Crash,New years,Whatsapp,Social,Apps,AppNations,

Messages,Crash,New years,Whatsapp,Social,Apps,AppNations,

New Years is an evening of celebration to welcome the coming year often spent with friends and family. But, of course, people who aren't celebrating together are desperate to wish their friends and family happy new years. Some people plan ahead of time knowing that they will be in no state to wish anyone and send out their messages beforehand.

However, the majority of the population experience their phones going mad when the clock strikes midnight and, as the messages flood in, the partygoers are suddenly engulfed by messages and find themselves desperately trying to send their own well wishes.

This year was no different as the Whatsapp team recorded a whopping 75 billion messages sent via Whatsapp on New Years Eve between 11:59 PM and 12 AM. Out of this 75 billion, 13 billion consisted of pictures and 5 billion were videos. Whatsapp stated that the number of images tripled and videos quintupled when compared to the average daily amount. This holds the current record for the most messages sent in one day via the app, topping the 63 billion messages last year.

Facebook also noted a 47% increase in live broadcasts when compared to last years activity and even added live Augmented Reality features.

These mind-blowing figures prove that people are feeling an increasing need to share their celebration with the world.

Were you one of them? Why not share your memories with us in the comments below.

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