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Date: 2017-06-07
Social Media,Social Networking,Device,Smartphone,Pinboard,Pins,Category ,Facebook,Google,DIY,Mobapp ,Pinterest ,Apps,Reviw,Utilities,

Social Media,Social Networking,Device,Smartphone,Pinboard,Pins,Category ,Facebook,Google,DIY,Mobapp ,Pinterest ,Apps,Reviw,Utilities,

Social Media,Social Networking,Device,Smartphone,Pinboard,Pins,Category ,Facebook,Google,DIY,Mobapp ,Pinterest ,Apps,Reviw,Utilities,

Pinterest is the web and mobile application that operates on all smartphone devices and is one of those apps that you should have on your smartphone.  

Our Rating: 5/5

Available on: Across all platforms 

Pinterest focuses primarily on visual images and some videos rather than articles, text-based blogs, music or podcasts. The purpose of Pinterest is to create your own "pinboards", which are nothing more than categories to which you can "pin" images that you find online or via other Pinterest users.

When you open the app, you are taken to your feed (instead of your own profile). Where you can easily refine your feed by removing profiles or subjects. Pinterest hosts your virtual pasteboards that become a little collection of visual images and project ideas of all kinds. Although Pinterest is a free-social-networking website it still requires registration to be used. Luckily the app makes it simple to create an account by simply connecting via your Facebook or Google account.

You can search for just about anything on Pinterest, from DIY pins to recipes for cooking ideas and the more you search and pin stuff, the better results you will get based on your interests and account activity. Here is how to get the most out of Pinterest:

1. Use Pinterest's instant ideas feature to see similar items to something you like

When you are scrolling through your Pinterest feed, you will notice a small circle on the bottom right-hand side of each image. You can click on that circle and Pinterest will automatically show a few more photos like it without taking you out of your feed.

2. Use Lens to identify real-world objects online

The company recently introduced a new feature called Lens that lets you point your camera at your surroundings to discover new design ideas based on what it captures. It can identify recipes or pick out an outfit.

3. Use filters to narrow down recipe search results

Recipe filters make it easier to find something to cook. You can narrow down your search by a specific diet, how long you want to cook, and what ingredients you already have in your kitchen. Simply click the Filter button on the top right-hand side and start filtering away!

4. Use the app's visual search feature to easily find and even buy specific items.

By tapping the magnifying glass in the corner of a pin, you can look up specific items in the image. Pinterest will show you similar pieces and item that you can actually purchase online.

5. Send pins via email

Chances are that you do have friends that aren't on Pinterest, so how do you get them to see the glorious content? On a pin, click on the Send button, then start typing out an email address. Choose the top option from the drop-down list to complete the process.
Your chosen friend will get a link to the pin that can be opened up in a browser window as normal, to reply to your message, your friend has to sign up for the site.
Pinterest also allows messaging between people you follow and people who follow you, just like many social media networks.

Pinterest is not a social networking website to overlook. Do-it-yourselfers will find it particularly helpful and pleasing, as you can search for project ideas and find more than you’ll ever have time to complete.

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