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Date: 2017-06-08
Facebook,Google,Database,Identification ,Call,Blackberry 10,Windows Phone,Android ,iPhone,Spam,Spammer,Must Have,Utilities ,Review,TrueCaller,Mobapp,

Facebook,Google,Database,Identification ,Call,Blackberry 10,Windows Phone,Android ,iPhone,Spam,Spammer,Must Have,Utilities ,Review,TrueCaller,Mobapp,

Facebook,Google,Database,Identification ,Call,Blackberry 10,Windows Phone,Android ,iPhone,Spam,Spammer,Must Have,Utilities ,Review,TrueCaller,Mobapp,

TrueCaller is one of the first apps which had one of the largest aims: to identify almost all the calls you get on your phone even if you do not have the number in your address book. 

Our Rating: 4/5

Available on: iOS, Android, Windows Phones and BlackBerry 10

TrueCaller has turned out to be the best call identification service you can ever get. The real power lies in its database, a database of several billion numbers identified and rated according to what they are; which focuses on country-specific spam-callers.

TrueCaller alerts you when you receive a call, and will completely enable you to evade spam calls, it is the most powerful spam buster in town, and it is available or free. It can block unwanted calls, preventing you from being disturbed with unnecessary calls, TrueCaller is quite efficient in identifying and matching names and numbers. TrueCaller requires Internet connectivity to run – WiFi or Mobile Data. 

The interface is quite simple and intuitive, and when you install the app, it goes through a registration process requesting you to either log in with your Google account, Facebook or Microsoft account. 

You will no longer see things like 'Anonymous' or 'Private Number' on incoming calls. The biggest downside of the app and the service is the question of privacy, security, and intrusion. Right from the start, especially when you learn how TrueCaller works and when you go through the installation process, there is something intimidating and freaky about it.

If privacy is not a big issue for you and you don't mind your links going public, you will enjoy the call blocking and effective name-number matching the app offers. 

TrueCaller is one of those apps that you need on your phone, just remember when you update your software on your iPhone to go to your TrueCaller setting on your phone and re-activate it, to stop the spammers from wasting your time. 

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