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Facebook is copying even more features from Snapchat

about 1 year ago
Apps  News  WhatsApp  Appnations delete for everyone

Did you know: You can read a deleted message someone sent you

about 1 year ago
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PayPal can help you save and invest money with the Acorns Investment app

about 1 year ago
Update  Google Maps  Navigation  Google  NEWS  Appnations Apps

Google Maps gets a completely new interface design!

about 1 year ago

iOS  Interface  UI  notifications  Kauhi Hookan  iOS Notification Redesign project  iPhone  Mobile  News  Apps  Appnations

This genius iOS notifications design is something Apple needs, NOW!

about 1 year ago
App Review Appnations Kardashian Apps Kim Kardashian Hollywood App Review Kim Kardashian Hollywood App Kardashians Kim Kardashian

Video: Kim Kardashian: Hollywood App review – All the Deets

about 1 year ago
Business Platform  Messenger  Update  Appnations  APPS  News Facebook Messenger

Latest Facebook Messenger update to help businesses reach their customers

about 1 year ago Appnations Apps News Apple iOS 11 iOS Emoji Update

Apple's iOS 11.1 update brings amazing emoji joy

about 1 year ago

Delete Delete for Everyone  Unsend  WhatsApp Appnations

The Unsend feature for WhatsApp is here!

about 1 year ago Appnations iOS Android Shazam Font WhatTheFont

Shazam, but for FONTS

about 1 year ago
Story  GIF  Stop-Motion  News  Appnations Instagram

Instagram is testing a new feature: Stop-Motion GIFs

about 1 year ago
Augmented Reality  Android  iOS  Plants  News  Apps  Plant Life Balance  AR  Appnations

This AR app shows how plants can improve air quality at home

about 1 year ago

Sciene Journal  News  Google  Apps  Appnations

Video: Google's Science Journal app is a digital notebook

about 1 year ago
Google Android developers site Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL device Pixel 2 device Android Oreo Easter egg visual tweaks SoC Pixel Visual Core NNAPI Neural Networks API new features December 2017 Update Google Developer Preview Android Orio 8.1

New features in Android 8.1's Oreo Developer Preview

about 1 year ago
Apple  Battery life  Apps  Software  iOS 11  iPhone  News  Appnations

Video: Apple's latest software comes with minor bugs

about 1 year ago
P2P  Facebook Messenger  PayPal  Facebook  News  Apps  Appnations

You can now make payments via PayPal on Messenger

about 1 year ago

Google  WABetaInfo  Facebook  WhatsApp  Apps  News  Appnations

WhatsApp group administrators to soon become more POWERFUL

about 1 year ago
Apps  feature  updates  News  Location  Share Live Location  WhatsApp  Appnations

WhatsApp releases a new feature: Live Location Sharing

about 1 year ago
Augmented Reality  Apple  iOS  AR  Tequila  Patrón Experience.   Appnations

Video: You can experience Tequila without the hangover with this AR app!

about 1 year ago
iOS  Apple  Game SHow  Trivia  Apps  News  Vine  HQ  Appnations

Video: Vine's founders are back with a brand new App!

about 1 year ago  Appnations  HBO  Mosaic  App  News  TV Series  YouTube Video

Video: A new HBO mini-series will be an interactive app

about 1 year ago
Wildfire  California  News  Apps  Wildfire App  Appnations

The Wildfire app could save lives

about 1 year ago
Shopping apps  App Annie  Amazon  Shopping  Online  News  Apps  Appnations

American consumers spend 10 hours per year in shopping apps

about 1 year ago
Mobile marketing trends  Games  ARKit  Augmented Reality  iPhone  AR  News  Apps  Appnations

Gaming apps are dominating ARKit downloads

about 1 year ago

Apps  News  iPhone  Apple  Appnations  Wi-Fi  Bluetooth iOS 11

Latest Apple software update leaves your iPhone vulnerable to attack...

about 1 year ago
News  Google  UPI  Tez  Google Tez  Google India  Apps  Appnations

Video: Google Tez App hits 5 million downloads

about 1 year ago  Appnations  WhatsApp  Messaging  Status  Online  Hackers  News Apps

WhatsApp flaws let hackers know when you're offline

about 1 year ago
News  APPS  Junk  Spam  Block  Messages  Truecaller  Appnations

Truecaller iOS update to filter out junk text

about 1 year ago

Delete for all  Messages  iOS  Android  Apps  News  Update  WhatsApp  Appnations

WhatsApp is testing a new 'Delete for everyone' feature

about 1 year ago
iOS  Android  Sky filter  3D Bitmoji  Camera  Snap  Snapchat  Apps  NEWS  AppNations

Video: Snapchat added a new tool to the app...

about 1 year ago  AppNations  News  Facebook  Apps  location  Shopping  Adds Advertisement

Facebook will show ads based on where you shop in real life!

about 1 year ago
Social Media  Followers  Instagram  Update  News  Apps  AppNations

Instagram makes followers easier to spot...

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