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Google Removes Gab App For Violating Hate Speech Policy

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mobapp apps news Uber ban white supremacists hate speech hate groups neo-Nazis Charlottesville Airbnb Google Facebook twitter social media platforms racism discrimination hate message banning James Allsup passengers Donald Trump tech

Uber Continues to Ban White Supremacists From Its Platform

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Video: Surkus ' The App That Pays You To Party

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Facebook redesigns its blue header and adds circular profile pics!

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live stream News Feed GIF interact augmented reality social media Instagram Snapchat feature camera stories filters Camera filters AR Facebook video news apps mobapp

Video: Facebook Adds New Camera Filters To Encourage Users to Make Stories

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Video: Opera Max gets killed

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viral feature Android Android Police viewers creators users same time same video testing video watching YouTube news apps mobapp

YouTube is Testing The Idea of Showing How Many People Are Currently Watching The Same Video

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Video: This app helps you set reminders, healthy reminder...

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Google Pixel  mobapp  pixel  photography  mobile  HDR plus  HDR+  HDR  google camera  Google  gear  cameras  app android

Video: Google Pixel camera tricks comes to other smartphones!

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P2P WhatsApp WhatsApp Beta Mobapp

WhatsApp Beta introduces Peer Payment

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prejudice bias appearance users Yaroslav Concharov CEO hot lighter skin racial insensitivity  colour skin younger older feature asian Caucasian  indian Black selfie-editing filters race FaceApp news apps mobapp

FaceApp Gets in Trouble For New Race Filters

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violation FTC COPPA Children's Online Privacy Protection Act ad targeting third parties Amanda Rushing plaintiff online embedded software Kochava Unity Upsight parental consent advertisers data Disney apps personal information laws protection privacy Walt Disney Company California class action lawsuit lawsuit gaming children spying sued Walt Disney Disney video news apps mobapp

Video: Disney Sued For Allegedly Spying On Children Through Gaming Apps

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networking app dating app pair chatting mentee mentor requirements Tinder-style TechCrunch company social network networking news feed feature Tinder-inspired connecting swipe platform professional bait millenial Tinder LinkedIn video news apps mobapp

Video: LinkedIn's New Tinder-Inspired Millennial Bait!

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contraceptive the pill birth control news apps mobapp

The First Birth Control App Has Now Been Approved As A Contraceptive!

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Whatsapp is testing coloured text status features...

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10 Ways Uber Drivers Can be Kicked Off the App

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Video: According to Investigative Reports, Kik Has Become an App For Child Predators

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India News Apps Nokia  Android  Android O Mobapp Nokia 8

Video: The Nokia 8 may launch with the latest Android O software!

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Google Play App Store downloads businesses attracting businesses Snapchat-inspired one year anniversary Facebook-owned Snapchat Instagram feature anniversary feature Instagram stories story Instagram news apps mobapp

Instagram Stories Feature is Attracting Businesses On Its One Year Anniversary

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Travis Kalanick discrimination  harassment  Land Transport Authority  Lion City Rentals Uber drivers Vezel Honda Vezel SUV Wall Street Journal fire recall faulty cars drivers Singapore  defective cars Uber news apps mobapp Uber on fire

Uber Rented Out Defective Cars to Singapore Drivers

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Google Mobapp Google I/O Nearby Connection API Android  News Apps

Video: This Android app can find nearby devices even when it is offline!

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device Android iOS content photos The Verge Nick Woodman Woodman GoPro app new feature video editing software mobile device sensor data computer vision phone user automatically editor Quik app camera GoPro Hero 5 transfer footage videos edit app QuikStories Quik GoPro video news apps mobapp

Video: GoPro's QuikStories Can Automatically Transfer and Edit Your Footage in The Background!

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iPhone iOS  News Apps Video  Video Editing  VSCO cam VSCO

Video: VSCO cam upgrades to stylish new Video Editing features!

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Google Play Services Breaks Download Record on App Stores!

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Carrot AI News App Weather Carrot Weather  Mobapp

Video: The Carrot Weather app adds new features!

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mobapp apps news Airbnb NAACP racism National Association for the Advancement of Colored People partnership economy black Americans hosts racial dicrimination rental service platform minorities colour rental applications black user white user social media Quirtina crittenden #airbnbwhileblack public relations Belinda Johnson communities of colour economic Greg Selden Civil Rights Act Terms and Service agreement The Airbnb Community Commitment

Airbnb Teams Up With NAACP to Fight Racism on Its Platform

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The Google Trusted Contact app gets new features!

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LoopPay Cards Apple Pay Smartphone  Android  Samsung Pay Samsung News Apps Mobapp

Video: Samsung Pay might roll-out to non Android smartphones!

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Video: How To Make an App

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Video: Top 3 Best Apps For Free Music on Your iPhone!

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